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Use a Docker Hub proxy

Docker Hub rate limits container image pulls. These limits are easily hit in a CI environment, so it is recommended to enable a container proxy.

GitLab's Dependency Proxy feature allows you to proxy Docker Hub containers through GitLab. However, rather than use these values directly, use the CONTAINER_PROXY variable to make it easy to change proxy location in the future without updating every repository.

When this pipeline is included, CONTAINER_PROXY is set by default to the following value:


Note the trailing slash (/)! This allows projects to continue to function if CONTAINER_PROXY is not configured.

It is recommended to configure CONTAINER_PROXY at the group level, so that CI jobs can use proxied containers. Here is an example using the image keyword:

image: "${CONTAINER_PROXY}alpine:latest"

This pipeline will automatically add CONTAINER_PROXY as a --build-arg, so you can proxy FROM images in Dockerfiles as well:

FROM ${CONTAINER_PROXY}node:lts-bullseye